Where it All Started Our Founders

Brandon 1

Brandon Watts Founder and CEO/President

I am Brandon Watts; Founder, CEO and President of Operation Rally Point. I'm a Combat Infantryman and Noncommissioned Officer with two combat tours in Iraq. I served in the Invasion with 2-7 Infantry 3ID in 2003 and as a Combat Advisor on the MNSTC-I staff in 2008.

I have an Associate's Degree in Political Science/History from Georgia State University and a Bachelor's degree in History of Western Civilization from Georgia Gwinnett College. I am a husband of 13 years to the Love of my life, Gunn Watts, and a proud Father of Laya Watts. We travel to Thailand on a semi-regular basis to spend time with my in-laws.

johnny 2

Johnny Grimes Co-Founder and Asset & Accountability Manager

I am Johnny Grimes the Asset and Accountability Manger for Operation Rally Point. I joined the Army in 2001 at the age of 20 and served on multiple combat deployments to Iraq including the invasion in 2003. After 8 years of service I attended the Aviation Institute of Maintenance and graduated with a certification in welding.

I have two Son's that graduated from Norcross High School in 2020. I spent 100 nights in the streets of Atlanta over the course of a year in 2015 with Brandon and Beth to better understand how we could help our fellow Veterans in crisis living without shelter.


Elizabeth Mason Briele Co-Founder

In Loving Memory of Beth Mason Briele, Co-Founder of Operation Rally Point. Beth was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. She served in the Army as a supply sergeant and deployed to Iraq in 2008 along with her husband Mike Briele. She co-founded operation Rallypoint and spent a few nights in Atlanta along with Johnny and Brandon serving homeless Veterans.

She passed away 25 April 2019 after a battle with cancer, leaving behind her husband Mike and their two children Mason and Eva.