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Dedicated to helping Veterans in Crisis

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Committed to Helping Veterans in Crisis

There are thousands of Veterans in our country that are in mental and physical distress due to service-related trauma. At Operation Rally Point, we repay their sacrifices by providing them with the support they need when they are in crisis.


About Our Organization

We are a Veteran-led, 501c3 nonprofit that is based in Monroe, Georgia. Due to the historic rise in Veteran homelessness and distress as well as a massive decrease in government funding, we made it our mission to step up and help our nation’s heroes.

Our Mission Statement

Provide immediate access to lodging and triage Veterans in crisis for additional services.

Our Core Values


We will always do the next right thing. We will be honest and hold ourselves accountable to our clients, fellow team members and our financial supporters.

Services to Veterans

Our team always makes decisions based on effectively helping the Veteran in crisis.


We have an underlying compassion for Veterans that are struggling. Our team will always give them the benefit of the doubt and are always ready to lend their ears, efforts, and dollars to those in need.


Our staff will always be courteous to fellow Veterans in crisis, partners, and our fellow team members.

Why We Do It

We provide our support services to give Veterans the assistance they require. Our team performs our mission to give Veterans a chance to be successful and happy.

What We Do

For Veterans and families in crisis, we provide immediate lodging to relieve the burden due to their unique circumstances. We assess each Veteran on an individual basis to triage their needs and help them on the road to self-sufficiency.

How We Do It

The big difference between other Veterans’ organizations and us is that we can act immediately when Veterans need us. We are not burdened by the bureaucracy of the government and larger organizations.

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Reach Out to Us for Support

Our goal is to ensure that our nation’s heroes receive the respect and support they deserve. If you want to learn how we can help, speak with our team today.

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